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Experiencing Calcutta’s Chai & Adda Vibe in Dubai’s Business Bay: Branding & Spatial Design

The curb-side culture of Calcutta’s tea-drinking, no, tea-overdosing, ingrained in the fabric of the city over decades was now to be transposed into a space that was the polar opposite.

Creating an E-Commerce UI/UX Experience for a hygiene brand

Our association with Pee Safe has been an exploration into the world of customer-first, experience-driven design.

The Challenge of Re-Branding an Award-Winning Restaurant

Extracting Fabbrica's ethos was the first and most integral step to their braver & bolder identity.

Architecting an Architect’s Brand & Website

If we want the website to have a strong character, then the brand must be a part of it.

Innovating Survey Experiences with BlockSurvey

BlockSurvey was not just promising data privacy with anonymity as their USP but a global product.