A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

One day, I might be feverishly sketching out a multitude of logo options and putting together mood boards, while on another day, I could be crafting animated icons or designing a high-impact pitch dec

The Kwazi Values

Why Join Us, at Kwazi we intend to put out the values we espouse and work towards, sharing an initial blueprint of what it could be like to work with us.

Experience Design Matters

As the field of design evolves it continually uncovers unique concepts. One of the newer entrants to this party is experience design.

The Art of Storytelling: For Brands and Organisations

Storytelling is common across cultures and communities around the globe. It is a medium through which we try to comprehend the world and our feelings about it.

Applying Colour: Communicating Design through Colour Association

We don’t simply see colour in the world around us, but we also see the world through colour.

Visual Semblance at the Mughal Court: Inspirations from Design & History

We may imagine how this contextually drenched Mansur flower can become a source of inspiration.

Moments That Matter: Mapping User Journeys for Better Business Outcomes

Your brand is an orchestrated symphony of mapping your customer’s journey and planning ahead.

Basics of Branding: A Guideline for Effective Brand Building

We brand because we want to be known for our unique identity, as people, communities, organisations.

Dining & Designing II: Branding for Better

We must develop such a relationship with our audiences to build truly valuable businesses.

Dining & Designing I: Decoding the Drama

We must realise that the great customer experience there lies beyond food.