The Art of Storytelling: For Brands and Organisations

Storytelling is common across cultures and communities around the globe. It is a medium through which we try to comprehend the world and our feelings about it.

Applying Colour: Communicating Design through Colour Association

We don’t simply see colour in the world around us, but we also see the world through colour.

Visual Semblance at the Mughal Court: Inspirations from Design & History

We may imagine how this contextually drenched Mansur flower can become a source of inspiration.

Moments That Matter: Mapping User Journeys for Better Business Outcomes

Your brand is an orchestrated symphony of mapping your customer’s journey and planning ahead.

Basics of Branding: A Guideline for Effective Brand Building

We brand because we want to be known for our unique identity, as people, communities, organisations.

Dining & Designing II: Branding for Better

We must develop such a relationship with our audiences to build truly valuable businesses.

Dining & Designing I: Decoding the Drama

We must realise that the great customer experience there lies beyond food.