The Kwazi Values

When joining an organisation, we check our fit in their culture. And considering that we spend half our waking hours at the workplace, the environment here is an integral factor in determining your quality of life and mental health. 

While many organisations conjure up a list of merits summarised under the headline – Why Join Us, at Kwazi we intend to put out the values we espouse and work towards, sharing an initial blueprint of what it could be like to work with us.

Here are the four values we live by:

Detail-Oriented Outlook

In the kwaziverse, we are obsessed with detail and believe it is critical to progress. Given the large expanse of communication and media, it is easy to overlook the little things. But the magic lies in the minuscule. We work on detailed design solutions that tie together every aspect of a brand through a unified concept resulting in long-term design success.

We are pedantic, critical, curious, and solution-oriented.

Collaboration for Excellence 

Collaboration produces results that one individual cannot possibly imagine. Our philosophy of teamwork involves individuals bringing their unique perspectives and energies to forge outcomes and growth. When encouraging collaboration, we ensure individual ownership so that all team members find themselves leaving an indelible mark on their work. 

As every story or folklore has taught us – it can’t be done alone.

Thought before Action

As designers, directors, strategists and ideators, we uncover solutions to complex problems. We attempt to balance unhinged creativity and pragmatic thinking when approaching our designs. Our teams think, brood, visualise, envision and then act. 

Thought before action makes us better at work and in life.